New Zealand – Ranfurly Banks Kingfish


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During one of our first expeditions in January 2016, we flew to New Zealand and faced the challenge of battling the infamous Yellowtail Kingfish. Hardly any fish species fights as fiercely during the drill, demanding everything from the angler.

Kingfish Fight1neu
Starker King im Drill

The fishing area

Our journey takes us to the famous “Ranfurly Banks,” located approximately 25 nautical miles from the East Cape. Stretching over about 20 nautical miles with water depths ranging from 200 to 20 meters, these banks are influenced by strong tidal currents that push nutrient-rich deep water over the rocky seafloor, magically attracting plenty of fish like large Hapuka Bass, Trumpeter, Terahiki, Blue Nose, and Kingfish.


The Ranfurly Banks are renowned for an unparalleled fishing experience for Yellowtail Kingfish, whether using poppers or stickbaits on the water surface or jigging in the depths. Additionally, the Banks hold several records, including the world-record Kingfish of 50.6 kg in the 37 kg line class.

In addition to surface fishing with poppers and stickbaits and speed jigging for Kingfish, trolling rods are often brought into play. Whether during a slightly longer change of spots or the journey to and from the Ranfurly Banks, the opportunity for a swordfish is not small. Thus, we were also successful in releasing two Striped Marlin, although another one unfortunately got away.

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The starting point for our trips to the Ranfurly Banks is Whakatane.
NZ best of 2neu
The floating living quarters for the duration of our tour.

The tour is a so-called liveaboard trip, and we spend a total of 6 nights on the boat at sea.

The boat is specifically designed for such tours:

– Spacious cockpit
– Built-in live bait tank
– Walkable stern
– Insulated fish boxes filled with ice
– Sleeping accommodations for 7 passengers + crew
– Freshwater shower and toilet
– Comfortable open lounge area for dining and socializing
– Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove, oven, and microwave


Possible itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrival in Auckland/New Zealand, bus transfer to Whakatane, overnight stay in a motel
Day 2 – Start of the expedition to the Ranfurly Banks, departure around 4:00 PM from Whakatane
Days 3-7 – 5 days of fishing
Day 8 – Return, trolling back to Whakatane, overnight stay in a motel
Day 9 – Transfer to Auckland, return flight

While the fishing days are already fixed, the arrival and departure can be customized to allow for additional days to explore this wonderful country.


Fishing methods:

– Speed jigging for Yellowtail Kingfish
– Surface fishing with poppers and stick baits
– Bait fishing
– Bottom fishing with natural bait for Hapuka Bass
– Trolling for Marlin

NZ best of 39neu
During our 2016 tour, a beautiful film was created, and as a prelude to New Zealand, you shouldn't miss watching it.

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