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Crazy fishing action in Malaysia!

When Travel2Fish explores new travel destinations, we are naturally interested in understanding how good the fishing can be. Questions like “How big are the expected fish?” or “How many can one catch?” are, of course, crucial.


The Sailfish mecca off Malaysia’s Kuala Rompin is the dream of every travel organizer. We have recently experienced that the fishing can still be fantastic even when it seems a bit slow.

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20 Sails on the first day

In early September, a group of six German anglers set out for Kuala Rompin, unfortunately, exactly at a time when the fishing was quite slow. Initially, we were a bit concerned, but when we learned that the group managed to catch a total of 20 sails on the first day of fishing, our worries disappeared. Apparently, “slow” fishing in Malaysia is not as bad as feared!

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Nevertheless, the group had a successful week. Alongside many sails, the participants were able to land some beautiful cobias, queenfish, trevallies, and much more. On their way back, they even managed to catch some large catfish while waiting for their flight!

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Are bent fishing rods and screaming reels exactly what you’re looking for? Then Malaysia is the perfect destination for you. Experience the fascination of light tackle fishing for the fast and acrobatic sailfish off the coast of Malaysia. Curious about what to expect? Just take a look here:

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