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Cubera Snapper

COSTA RICA – Fish are in a biting mood again after the heatwave


In September, we were on a group trip to Malaysia with the mission – SAILFISH FOR EVERYONE! Kuala Rompin is known as the Sailfish Mecca par excellence, but the tour not only

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Madagaskar Giant Trevally

Dreamlike Madagascar

A travel report by Mathias Fuhrmann: Madagascar, the magical place in the Indian Ocean, is a dream destination for many adventurers and anglers. GTs in particular are the number one target fish,

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Giant Trevally Gruppenbild

Madagascar on fire

Our tour groups have been busy travelling in Madagascar over the last few weeks and we would like to take this opportunity to pass on some feedback. On many of our tours

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22 Peacock Bass over 80 cm!

Brazil – Disaster reports have dominated the media in recent weeks, with historically low water levels in the Amazon. However, our tours take place either on the Rio Negro or on the

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COSTA RICA 2023 – Short Recap

At the end of January, we were on the road in Costa Rica and experienced truly exciting fishing. Especially offshore, many Yellowfins and impressive Mahi Mahi were on the move. Here is

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ECUADOR – Amazon Adventures

Journey to the Jungle King – The Arapaima is undoubtedly the king of fish in the Amazon River system and can only be found today where civilization has not spread significantly: deep

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SPAIN – Swim with giants 2

In early September 2022, we set off once again with a small group to Spain’s Ebro Delta to experience a bit of Big Game fishing close to home. However, this time, we

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MALDIVES – Giants Guaranteed

We have just completed the last tour in the Maldives, and the results never cease to amaze us. While others complain about overfished house reefs and small fish, we consistently move in

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Back from Costa Rica!

While the majority is enjoying their well-deserved summer vacation, we have not been idle and embarked on a visit to our new partner in Costa Rica to get ready for the upcoming

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SPAIN – 3x over 100kg in one day

After an extremely cold spring this year, with little surface activity in front of the Ebro Delta even in early May, we had to resort to “Plan B.” Insiders know what that

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New Zealand – Ranfurly Banks Kingfish

As an addition to our travel program, we will be organizing several expeditions to selected destinations in the future. These group trips have a limited number of participants, so one might need

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