You never forget the first one.

On Labour Day, me and my boys set off to visit Peter at the Ebro Delta.
In the evening the rods were prepared and the anticipation could be seen in all the anglers.
Around midday, we set off at full throttle for the hunts. We quickly realised that it wasn’t going to be easy. There were a lot of fish, but they weren’t really hunting aggressively on the surface. On the second day, I managed to catch this beautiful bluefin tuna. This was the first tuna in my life. I was more than happy about this fish, because I will never forget it.

Spanien Bluefin im Drill 2

In the following days there were bites, but unfortunately we were very unlucky and at least 5 fish dropped out shortly before landing.

Spanien Bluefin im Drill

I'll be back!

But one thing is already for sure. I will be back! I just fell in love with this type of fishing.
The short journey is always worth a trip to Peter.

-Yannik Ohm-

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