SPAIN – 3x over 100kg in one day


After an extremely cold spring this year, with little surface activity in front of the Ebro Delta even in early May, we had to resort to “Plan B.” Insiders know what that means, and as usual, chumming with sardines brought the desired success. Often, it took no more than 10 minutes for the reel to start screaming, and a hefty tuna was thrashing at the other end of the line.

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At the beginning, the situation still looks quite relaxed, but...

One of the highlights in May was a day when we alone could catch 3 fish weighing over 100 kg.

It was hard work for both man and equipment, especially since heavy coffee grinders were often not used, but rather heavy spinning rods such as the HÖWK Bullfighter 250 paired with an 18000 Shimano Stella SW.

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...during the fight, the arms become weary, and full-body effort is required.
With such a fish, the angler has to go into the water. Afterwards, the Bluefin was, of course, allowed to swim freely again and undoubtedly continues to roam the Mediterranean, perhaps just a little wiser and larger!? 😉

Below is a small selection of pictures from our tours in May. Around the second week of May, surface fishing also picked up. Wild-hunting Little Tunny schools and Bluefins brought the water to a boil, but unfortunately, we had to save this action for the next season because the group tour plans were already completed. But we will be back!

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