SPAIN – Swim with giants 2


In early September 2022, we set off once again with a small group to Spain’s Ebro Delta to experience a bit of Big Game fishing close to home. However, this time, we did something completely different beforehand and immersed ourselves in the water to reach our target fish. As it turned out, it was an absolutely formative and unforgettable experience for all of us.

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Before the tour, there was, of course, a hearty meal. In the harbor, there are several inviting restaurants with a direct view of the water.

By car, we drove from Riumar to L’Amettla Del Mar, where the departures to the tuna cages start directly in the harbor. Off the coast of this tranquil harbor town, there is a tuna farm with 20 cages, making such an experience possible. Here, the previously caught bluefin tunas, captured with nets, are fed to maturity before ending up in the kitchen as a high-quality and sustainable product.

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With a large catamaran, we head out onto the Mediterranean Sea.
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The journey to the cages takes only about 15-20 minutes and is possible in almost any weather.
The catamaran docks, and the first sardines are thrown into the water.
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First doubts arise...
...but no matter - into the hustle and bustle!

Simply impressive how elegantly the approximately 200 kg heavy giants move, picking out the sardines among the “bathers” without any contact.

After the swim in the cauldron and a warm freshwater shower, visibly overwhelmed by the incredible experiences, we headed back to the harbor. However, there was still a surprise waiting for us.

Tasting top-quality tuna sashimi – a true delight.

The tasting was as much a highlight as the entire tour. Being able to view our coveted catch from a completely different perspective, other than at the end of a fishing line, was a real enrichment and an entirely new experience. In the end, everyone agreed: we will definitely do this again!


Swimming with these giants will surely become a more frequent part of our tours in the future, as it’s definitely worth planning an extra day for. The trips to the tuna cages take place from April to October, and a tour typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours.


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A fishing report from the days after will be available in the next blog post.

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