MADAGASCAR – A travel report by Philipp Ropers


April 2024, with cool temperatures, we head for Frankfurt. I arrive at the airport a little nervous about what the three fellow travellers are like and whether the group will harmonise. Check in and security checks are done quickly and we meet at a bar near the gate for a beer to get to know each other. The rest of the group is super nice and we get chatting. We exchanged experiences and shared our expectations for the coming week. We almost missed boarding, we were so distracted.
After the stopover in Addis Ababa, we land on Nosy Be, Madagascar. The warm climate knocks us all out a bit, but it’s a holiday after all… After all the formalities have been completed, we leave the airport and our driver is already waiting for us. Off to Manga Be. A visit to the restaurant in the evening, then a beer in a local bar, from which we can already hear the loud music on the street. A great first evening.

In the morning, we are greeted by Toly and Joe, our boat crew for the next few days. They make a really warm impression, which is confirmed in the days that follow and our anticipation of the fishing days ahead increases.
On the way to Radama Island Resort we were able to catch our first fish. Simply brilliant! Our crew looked after us perfectly, whether it was tying the rigs or preparing the bait. We were provided with drinks and food – it couldn’t have been better!

Once we arrive at the resort, we are served fresh cocktails and other drinks by the pool. The reception by resort manager Maxime is great and the service leaves nothing to be desired.

And so it continues in the coming days. Unfortunately, we had some wind and waves, which made fishing and the reaction of the fish to poppers and stickbaits a little more difficult. But no matter, we caught well and had a lot of fun together. We caught sharks, GTs and various other fish species, even a sailfish. The crew motivates us as soon as our strength wanes and also fishes tirelessly.

The accommodation is quite basic but perfectly adequate. Everything is clean and well maintained. That’s how it should be. The coffee in the morning with a view of the bay, a dream!
One of my highlights of the tour: turtle hatching in the morning and escort to the water, amazing!

After a week that passed far too quickly, we spent another night in Manga Be, enjoyed the pool and the air conditioning in the rooms and then travelled back with new plans. All in all, I can say it was an unforgettable trip and certainly not my last visit to Radama Island Resort.

Many thanks to our guest Philipp Ropers for this great report and the photos.

You can find more information and available dates on our website as usual.

“Sea” you soon!