PANAMA, Tuna Coast – Return to Paradise, Part1


After having to reluctantly suspend our tours to Panama in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, it was finally time again in mid-November. While Covid-19 is still a concern, travel is easily possible for both unvaccinated individuals (with a negative test result upon arrival) and vaccinated individuals, thanks to the currently low 7-day incidence rate of 41.1, making it relatively worry-free. What could be more logical than leaving the events in Europe, especially in Germany, behind for a few days, clearing one’s mind, and, garnished with a few ice-cold drinks, fighting strong fish under the tropical sun? We didn’t have to think long. Here are some highlights and impressions from the first week.

Lodge von oben klein

Die Lodge von oben – Ein echtes Kleinod mit Wohlfühlgarantie

Koeder klein

Zum Ausklang der Regensaison heißt es: Go big or go home! Das Lighttackle der Frühjahrsfischerei darf getrost zuhause gelassen werden.

Dorado klein

Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphinfish or dorado, are colorful and powerful fighters, providing an exciting challenge when caught. Additionally, they are a culinary delight in the kitchen, making for a satisfying meal in the evenings.

Cubera kleinExactly for these fish, we bring heavy-duty gear to Panama. There is only one tactic after the bite to win the battle successfully: HOOK AND HOLD! The drag must release almost no line, and the angler has to exert maximum pressure on the fish to prevent it from reaching the bottom and cutting the line on the sharp rocks. Cubera Snapper are notorious for their brutality in the fight.

Mullet Snapper klein

The Mullet Snapper should not be underestimated either, as they are no less formidable in terms of fighting power compared to their larger relatives.

Rooster kleinThis typical representative of the Tuna Coast certainly couldn’t be missing. Despite numerous missed strikes and follow-ups, we were eventually able to catch the coveted Roosterfish.

Barrakuda klein

Pool kleinWhat could be more enjoyable than ending a day of fishing with snacks and cold drinks by the pool?

Lodge bei Nacht

And once again, we come to the conclusion that Panama is truly worth a visit at any time of the year and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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