OMAN, Hallaniyat – GT vs. Yellowfin Tour 2023

Big Queenfish from Oman.

With us, Monday mornings in the office are guaranteed to be an experience, and before you start working, why not take a look at the short report of our tour for the season opening at the end of February in Oman. Maybe we can already bring a smile to your face with that!

Sonnenuntergang in Shuwaymiyah
Sunset at the trailer spot

On the day of arrival, we quickly headed out for 2-3 hours during the evening twilight, making our first casts from the shore at the trailer ramp. Some of you may recognize the spot from our last YouTube video, as we were able to achieve good catches during our previous visit. Our Finnish tour guide, Mikey, even managed to land a trophy Queenfish with a fly rod.

Diverse inshore fishing.

9U4A1556 bearbeitet
Fishing in front of an impressive cliffs

The inshore fishing was fantastic despite the occasionally very windy conditions. The wolf herrings were almost a nuisance, but a colorful mix of Omani breams, emperor fish, queenfish, and even bluefish and grouper provided plenty of fun on the light spinning rods.

A very special spectacle

9U4A1488 bearbeitet
Humpback whales close to the shore.

We were able to watch some of the humpback whales endemic to this area jumping and feeding. Undoubtedly, witnessing this so close to the shore is a unique experience.

Giant Trevallies

Mikey with Hallaniyat-GT

Around the islands, during targeted popper fishing for GT, there were some smaller specimens up to about 20kg. Admittedly, there were no real monsters among them for which Oman has become known, as the larger specimens unfortunately did not make an appearance. However, one fellow traveler’s dream of landing his first GT came true. On the last day, Henry was able to land his “dream GT.”

A special catch

9U4A1368 bearbeitetbearb
Philipp with a big Bohar Snapper on a popper in front of Sawda.

Even a giant Bohar Snapper eagerly attacked one of the presented poppers. In terms of shape and size, it rather reminded us of the Cubera Snapper from Panama. Oman is rightly called the “Land of Giants.”

On the hunt for the Yellowfins.

Klim with big Yellowfin

Offshore, it heated up on the calm days. Once the Yellowfins were located, the action was often non-stop. On the best day, one of our boats managed to land a total of 10 Yellowfins up to 50 kg. The largest fish of the tour weighed an impressive 70 kg.

Yellowfin Doppelbiss - LIVE

A quite successful warm-up for our upcoming Yellowfin season off Muscat. However, the tuna here only start their wild feeding frenzies on the surface from mid to late March.

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For 2024, we are currently planning dates again in the spring and fall off Hallaniyat.


During the spring dates (March – April), you can look forward to an exciting combination of top-notch inshore fishing and thrilling offshore hunts for Yellowfins.


The fall dates (October) offer the best opportunities for jigging on Amberjack and others, as well as a unique inshore fishing experience targeting various Trevally species and much more.


For our fall date in 2023, we still have 2 available spots.


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