BRASILIEN, Rio Negro – Peacock Bass Adventure 2023


We know that you have been waiting for this report and apologize for the delay due to our busy travel schedule. However, the travel season is far from over, but now it is finally here.


Fredrik’s report:

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We are now back from our fantastic adventure in the Amazon rainforest! We started our fishing week with a one-hour flight in a small propeller plane from the bustling city of Manaus to Barcelos, a small village on the banks of the Rio Negro.


There, we were taken directly to the large riverboat Kalua, which started its journey upstream within minutes. During our week, the Kalua traveled in stages a total of 200 kilometers upstream, allowing us to constantly fish in new areas.

On our way to the boat
Hotel Ship
The catering was excellent, and nothing was missing.
In cruising speed, we traveled up the Rio Negro, covering over 200 kilometers

Challenging fishing due to high water levels.

Unfortunately, the water level of the Rio Negro was very high due to unusually heavy rainfall in the weeks before our arrival. Fishing was therefore somewhat challenging, but we still managed to catch several large fish.

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High water levels due to unusually heavy rainfall in the preceding weeks made fishing more challenging.

Quality over quantity

Even though the daily catch quantities fell far short of expectations, some impressive specimens were hooked.

How about peacock bass weighing 18, 14.5, 13, 12, 11, and 10 pounds?

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Fredrik with a strong Peacock Bass

And besides?

Additionally, we caught other fish species such as piranhas and several beautiful catfish. The two largest specimens weighed a hefty 26 and 30 kilograms. 

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First-class service and a good atmosphere

A good atmosphere on board and a harmonious group are essential prerequisites for a great trip.

The mood in our group of 14 anglers was excellent, partly due to the excellent service on KALUA, as the food and drinks were first-class. In addition, our guides really gave 100% so that we have a chance at big fish – and they really succeeded!

A great experience in the nature

Not to be overlooked is the fantastic nature experience, where close encounters with caimans, dolphins, parrots, and giant otters create lasting memories.

Additional information and new date for January 2024.

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As always, such a journey whets the appetite for the next adventure, and I’m already looking forward to the jungle week next year.


Thanks, Fredrik!

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For 2024, we have already planned the next adventure for the exact same week in January.

Travel dates: January 19-30, 2024


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