AMAZONAS – Peacock Bass – Adventure 2023


While our travel groups are currently exploring the world, we are already planning for 2023 and have some exciting news to share with you. You’ll learn about the first ones in this newsletter, and for the others, you’ll have to wait until the next one, which will be released shortly.

Looking back on the history of our company, we’ve come a long way since we started organizing trips to the famous Lake Nasser for Nile perch fishing. For several years, we’ve primarily focused on warm saltwater fishing with all the exciting action of popping, stickbaiting, or speed jigging. However, there are some freshwater fish that are just too incredible to be neglected. One of these species is undoubtedly the Peacock Bass, and especially for that, we have put together an absolute dream package for you. But first things first!

We would like to welcome Fredrik Stjärnkvist to our team at Travel2Fish. He will primarily take care of our customers from Denmark and Sweden. Many of you may not be entirely unfamiliar with him, as he has worked for years as the editor-in-chief for the famous Fiske-Feber magazines.
Fredrik will also be your host and guide for our first trip to the Amazon/Rio Negro. He has been on-site a total of 3 times and can look back on a total of 5 weeks of fishing experience in the area. If you have any questions about our upcoming trip, he will be the one to answer them.

As promised, we have selected only the best partners on-site to ensure you the best possible fishing experience. Your home is a 26-meter floating hotel with all the comforts you can imagine:


– Fully air-conditioned
– Single and double cabins
– Dining room and lounge
– Audio, TV, and DVD in the lounge

You will be fishing with 2 anglers + an experienced captain in an aluminum Jon boat with a 25 HP outboard motor and an additional trolling motor. While you fish during the day, the mother ship continues, and you reunite at the end of the day. This means you will fish a new section of the river every day.

From Barcelos, you’ll be fishing the Rio Negro with its typical brown or almost black but clear water. With our mother ship, you’ll have access to over 300 km of the main river as well as endless tributaries and lagoons, providing almost unlimited fishing opportunities. (Image source: Google Maps)

Save the date: January 19-30, 2023


Day 1 (Thu): International flight to Manaus, AM – Brazil.

Day 2 (Fri): Arrival in Manaus. Transfer to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 3 (Sat): Early morning charter flight to Barcelos (1-hour flight); upon arrival, transfer to the Kalua Hotel Boat for an immediate departure. After lunch on the boat, half-day fishing until 5:30 PM.

Days 4 to 8 (Sun-Thu): Full-day fishing until 5:30 PM.

Day 9 (Fri): Fishing from 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Return to the hotel in the city of Barcelos. Late afternoon and evening at your leisure.

Day 10 (Sat): Transfer to the Barcelos Regional Airport around 7:30 AM (after breakfast) for the charter flight back to Manaus. Arrival in Manaus around 11:00 AM and transfer to the International Airport or hotel, depending on the return flight time.

Day 11 (Sun): Transfer to Manaus International Airport.

End of our services.

Day 12 (Mon): Arrival in Europe, concluding this incredible fishing journey.

Fredrik says: January marks the end of the dry season, meaning no mosquitoes, hardly any flies, and other unpleasant things. There is a tributary where mosquitoes are present, but they don’t bite like feather mosquitoes. Generally, the jungle is friendly. In five weeks of fishing, I’ve seen two floating snakes and an iguana in a tree, but no spiders or other unpleasant insects. There are crocodiles, but they are not dangerous; they only eat fish. If you want, you can swim every day as the water is a pleasant 26-27 degrees.

You can catch about 10-50 Peacock Bass per day. We fish from 6-meter-long aluminum boats, with a guide and 2 anglers per boat.

Besides the fantastic fishing, a week in the Amazon is always something extraordinary, a fantastic nature experience!


– All meals and beverages (beer, spirits, water, and soft drinks).
– Flights from Manaus to Barcelos and back.
– Daily laundry service.
– Two persons in each cabin on the boat (with air conditioning).
– 6.5 days of fishing, from approximately 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
– One evening features a BBQ party on a cozy sandy beach along the Rio Negro.

Not included in the trip price:

– International flights to Manaus.
– Hotel accommodations in Manaus.
– Tips for guides and staff (approx. USD 150/angler).
– Personal expenses or rental equipment.


Are you ready?

If you missed the tour but are still interested in the offer, feel free to visit our website. There you will find all the information about our tours and already scheduled dates for group trips.