PANAMA, Tuna Coast – Return to paradise part2


The second week began where the first one left off. The weather, for the end of the rainy season, was fantastic with plenty of sunshine, and surface activity increased.

Lodge Panorama Radiant
A paradise of well-being with a vacation vibe. This place is perfect for recharging your batteries and clearing your mind.
IMG 4319 01.jpeg
Such strong fish are the highlight during the rainy season. Less action, but big individual specimens. This powerful Roosterfish bit on the first day during speed jigging.
IMG 4331 01.jpeg
After a brief photo session, such fish are, of course, immediately returned to their element.
image2 01.jpeg
The week of the big Corvinas. Several large specimens were hooked during this week.

Slowjigging once again proved to be one of the most effective methods for a variety of fish species this week. Particularly notable were the large Corvinas, which we haven’t seen in such numbers and sizes before. A double catch of specimens measuring 118 and 116 cm was definitely one of the highlights this week.

corvina double
What a double catch! That is not an everyday occurrence, even in Panama.
A rare guest in front of Pedasí, but when one bites, it's usually a large specimen.

Additional highlights of the week included the capture of a huge Snook and a Goliath Grouper weighing approximately 40 kilograms, which, by the way, was caught on a soft plastic lure commonly used in Norway. Grouper, in particular, are fond of these lures and are frequent prey in this type of fishing.

Caught in a classic manner with a soft plastic lure near the bottom, almost like halibut fishing in Norway.

Popper fishing also brought some substantial surprises to light. Roosterfish of this kind are challenging to handle on heavy popper gear and give their all in the fight.

rooster on popper Radiant
Trophy Roosterfish on popper.

Contacts with the “red devils” were also numerous, but only a fraction of the battles ended with the typical hero shot. Strong gear and an uncompromising fighting tactic are the best prerequisites to come out victorious in the battle.

On the last day, we even encountered some of the typical action during the dry season. There must have been hundreds of smaller Roosterfish that stirred up the water in front of a large beach, decimating the sardines… sometimes 10 fish or more chasing the lure… just madness! We are even more excited about the upcoming dry season.

IMG 20211130 WA0013 01.jpeg
Although still a bit small, but just as beautiful as the larger specimens.

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And again, we come to the conclusion that Panama is truly worth a visit at any time of the year and will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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