PANAMA – Everything except rooster


A group of four Germans and three Finns visited The Tuna Coast in Panama in late March 2024. Some of us had been in Panama earlier, for others this was the first time.


Everyone in the group was keen on catching a number of species on various methods, but of course everyone’s dream was catching a Cubera Snapper and a Rooster Fish.


After arriving at the lodge we got rid of the travel fatigue by laying in the pool and having a couple of drinks. After rigging our gear we had a delicious dinner that our hosts at the Panafishing Adventure Lodge had prepared for us.

After a good night’s sleep everyone was more than ready to get out on the water. The first fishing day was pretty much about getting to know the guides chino and Javier and practicing the different fishing techniques from slow- and speed jigging to heavy poppers and light tackle. Everyone was catching fish and by the end of the day a group of happy fishermen joined up at the pool.


During the following days we encountered several Cubera Snappers, some of which were lost and some landed. Most of the Cuberas were caught on medium sized poppers and stickbaits. Apart from the Cuberas we caught a bunch of different Jacks, Colorado Snappers, African Pompanos, Sierra Mackerels, Rock Snappers, Yellow Snappers, Red Snappers, Groupers and what not. The variety of species in along the Tuna Coast is astonishing!

The only species on the bucket list that we didn’t catch during the week was the Rooster Fish. They sure were around and we saw them in some of the many feeding frenzies during the week but they just weren’t biting our lures. Funny, since the previous group had caught them in numbers but missed out on the Cuberas instead. Also, surface baits and fast sinking stickbaits were the key to success whereas jigging, especially the slow jigging, didn’t give us that many fish during the week. Not that anyone was complaining, topwater is the most fun way to catch a fish if you ask me.

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After a full seven days of fishing everyone was satisfied, and not catching those Roosters gives us a good reason to come back and enjoy Panama again! Last but not least I want to raise my glass to the staff and guides at Panafishing Adventure Lodge. They are doing everything that can be done to make their customers feel welcome, relaxed and to get them on top of some big fish! If you’ve never been to Panama, I recommend you to try the Tuna Coast. You won’t regret it!


 Mikey Sarelin, Finland

But it wasn’t just Team Finland that scored with good fish, our German guests also sent us plenty of pictures with a colourful mix of species.

Now you are just one cast away from your new fishing adventure! If you are looking for a great variety of fish species and fishing techniques for your fishing holiday, our Panama fishing trip is the perfect choice. Just get in touch with us!